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Elizabeth Weinberg on Camberabag TV! (2011)

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Fuck some shit…

     I’m so sick of these stupid goddamn smart apes.  Just for your information Hollywood, we would KILL those apes.  There would be no ethical hang-ups in a time of war against apes.  Women, children, and elderly apes would be killed without hesitation or thought of consequence in a post-war Hague tribunal.  If they decided to use human “human shields,” we would still kill everything that stood in the way of human victory, even humans; call it a necessary evil.  

     Maybe in the mid to late 60’s when “Planet of the Apes” was a new concept, was the idea of super smart apes taking over the planet a revolutionary idea (hint hint: revolution), but today, half the country doesn’t even believe in evolution, so the idea of accelerating or altering evolution doesn’t even hold water, let alone does the idea of quashing a revolution stir emotion (unless it’s the Middle East, i.e not-our-country).  Then again, Hollywood, you obviously know that half the country is one huge collective idiot, so you’ll probably make money anyway.  Fuck. 

    Frankly, the first “Planet of the Apes” movie idea sucked backed in 1968, and the same holds true today.  Please if you have any semblance of a soul , no matter how “cute” you think James Franco is, do not pay money to go see the new “Planet of the Apes” movie.

Death Grips - Beware

Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon)

This dude’s insane, and so am I.

Death Grips - Spread Eagle Cross the Block

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i wish my best friend was a handgun

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DeathStar - Funk Soul

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The Banshee Factory World Cup DH race team get some practice at the Schladming and Leogang courses in Austria. (video via the RaceFace blog)

UCI World Cup Downhill